Milledgeville City Hall

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City Departments

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City Departments & Services

City Organizational Chart

City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and Council to manage the functions of the City and is responsible for approximately 200 employees who are organized into several major Divisions
Police Department provides the highest quality service as a law enforcement agency to the citizens of Milledgeville and to be available for calls within the department's service area.
Fire Department is responsible for fire suppression, fire prevention, fire investigation, emergency medical training, building familiarization and inspections, fire apparatus maintenance, community disaster contingency planning and fire emergency management.
Public Works Comprised of Streets & Sidewalks, Cemetery & Parks, Sanitation and Central Garage Departments and offers a variety of services.
Planning & Zoning Comprised of the Planning & Development Division, Building Inspection Division and Code Enforcement Division. The Planning division is responsible for all current and future land use within the City of Milledgeville.
Finance Department is responsible for the financial administration of the City.
Water & Sewer mission is to produce and distribute potable water for domestic, commercial and industrial use and to collect, treat and dispose of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.
Main Street helps sharpen the competitiveness of existing business owners and recruits compatible new businesses and new economic uses to build a commercial district that responds to today's consumers' needs.
Human Resources Our goal is to recruit and retain the best qualified applicant and to maintain a productive and competitive workforce and delivery of service to the citizens of Milledgeville.
Allied Arts Visual and performing arts

Twin Lakes Library System Educational learning programs, community activities, books, and more.