Milledgeville City Hall

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Muncipal Court

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The Milledgeville Municipal Court oversees all misdemeanor traffic cases, violations of city ordinances, and some misdemeanor state cases.

The Municipal court is presided over by Judge J. David McRee. The city court solicitor is Mr. Carl Cansino.

If you have received a citation within this jurisdiction, you can contact the Court Clerk, by calling (478)-414-4004, to determine if your citation can be paid without appearing in Court. Please allow a minimum of five (5) working days from the date of your citation to allow the court time to receive your citation from the issuing officer. Acceptable forms of payment in person are cash, money orders or certified funds. No personal checks will be accepted.

Municipal Court is held every Wednesday morning at 8:00 A.M. in the court room at the James Baugh Public Safety building.

To contact the Municipal Court call 478-414-4004 or 478-414-4077.

If you fail to appear at your court appearance date, a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest. The Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified of your failure to appear and you license will be subject to suspension.

If you have been placed on probation through the Milledgeville Municipal Court, and you need information regarding your probation, you may contact the Municipal Court directly.