Milledgeville City Hall

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Welcome to the City of Milledgeville, we're glad you've visited!

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Incorporated in 1803

City Hall

The City of Milledgeville is a committed team of professionals who combine specialized skills with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest quality of services our citizens and businesses.


Milledgeville´s charming history, central location, and southern charm makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia.

In keeping with our southern hospitality, we invite you to relax and browse our website.  Hopefully, we have covered any question you may have.  If not, feel free to email us or call us and we'll do our best to help.

And now, a little background.... Milledgeville is Georgia's Antebellum Capital, serving as the Antebellum Capital from 1803 to 1868. Carefully planned from its inception, the city was envisioned as an appealing combination of broad streets running parallel with the four points of a compass and public squares of twenty acres each. Today, in fact, Milledgeville is considered to be the only surviving example of a complete Federal period city....more

Now You Know...

The Milledgeville Market is back in full swing!  Visit us from 4 - 7PM every Tuesday for a wide array of fresh veggies, homespun crafts, tasty baked goods  - you just never know WHAT might show up - - - or WHO!  See old friends, make new ones at the Farmer's Market under the new pavilion on Hancock St just up from City Hall.

Occupation Tax License renewals are now past due, with a last payment date of March 19, 2014.  If you have received your license, thank you.  Please display it in your business for public view.  If you have not renewed your license, a penalty of 10% has now been placed on your account.

City Tax Bills are now past due - Due date was December 18, 2013.  Penalty (10%) and Interest (1% per month) have now applied.   

  >>Receive your City water bill electronically, as well as via US Mail! Simply email, provide your email address, and we will take care of the rest!!

>>View and pay your Water or Property Tax bill online by choosing the PAY ONLINE tab on our website and following the instructions.